Congratulations to Congressman-elect Seth Moulton on his General Election victory in Massachusetts 6th Congressional District.

Mr. Moulton ran a classy, exemplar campaign, sticking to the issues rather than trying to stick it to his opponents.

I'm certain Seth Mouton will do his best to represent all in the area I love, Essex County, Middlesex County, Cape Ann, and Merrimack Valley. The North Shore has so much potential; our country has so much potential. I wish him all the best in his endeavors to help fix the issues facing the nation.

Congratulations to Seth Moulton on his Democratic Primary victory.

Democrats and 'Un-enrolled' Independents, rally behind our strong nominee in the November 4, 2014 General Election.


Let's Clean up Washington, D.C.

I stand in the fight against economic inequality and the wealth gap, for the environment and for a national mental health care policy. It is time to change the culture in Washington, D.C. Current members of Congress are not providing the leadership to get it done. New leadership, fresh faces with fresh ideas, are needed. With your help, we can do what it takes to clean up Washington, D.C., clean up Wall Street, fight against income inequality, fight for campaign finance reform, overturn the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions, pass balanced budgets and pay down the debt, lower the cost of health care, establish a national mental health care policy, help protect the environment, protect privacy, restore due process and educate the next generation. Make your vote count. Let's break the deadlock in a "do-nothing" Congress. 

The U.S requires a modern, effective national energy policy that protects our environment. Here's a great idea, let's build a national aqueduct and tie that into building new hydroelectric power plants. Let's lessen our reliance on coal fired power plants. More, let's capture greenhouse gases. Let's put an end hydraulic fracturing, "fracking", for natural gas the way it's done now. I'm a student of Environmental Policy because our future is so important. Let's build a green energy economy for the future.

America requires a modern, effective comprehensive national mental health policy. Handgun violence makes up the major bulk of illegal gun use. The CDC reports 60% of handgun violence is from suicide. Handgun violence is, in part, then a mental health issue. Addiction is a mental health issue. This, too, has implications on future prison reform. When Jeffery Lieberman, M.D., of Columbia Medical School. was president on the America Psychiatric Society, he called on Congress to establish biological screening in preventative mental health care and diagnosis. With America's aging population, many will live longer. We need to get ahead of the curve when it comes to mental health policy care and costs

Senator Elizabeth Warren says she can't get the 'Buffett Rule' passed. Isn't that why, in part, she was elected? Current Representative John Tierny is not part of the answer. I vow this promise: to work with other members in congress to make the 'Buffett Rule' happen.

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